Bastylas & Pastries

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About Nora Kornheisl

Food Writer & Recipe Developer, Wife and Mother of two children.

2 Responses to Bastylas & Pastries

  1. Rizki says:

    Don’t you like saffron, or coduln’t you get any? We all love it, so my father-in-law brings it from Spain (where his brother lives), where it’s not prohibitively expensive.

    • Nora Kornheisl says:

      Thank you for your comment Rizki. I do LOVE saffron, but I difficulties finding real one. A friend of mine had brought me some from India,but I run out. I bought some Persian saffron, but it did not taste teh same as the saffron I am used to. Do you recommend any store or website I can order good saffron from?

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