He forgot How To eat an orange?!!

I bought Navel Oranges from the grocery store this morning. When I returned home, my 3 year old was so excited to see the oranges. His face lit up as if he has seen a new toy! His reaction surprised me, because he has seen and eaten oranges before. I gave him an orange and I watched him peel it. Then, this is the funny part, he looked at it wondering how to eat it!!! He held it in his hand and tried to bite it as if it was an apple! Apparently, he has forgotten how to, because I did not buy oranges for a few months.

My point is: let’s not let our kids forget how to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Often, what seems obvious to us, is not that obvious to our little ones. Just like eating an orange! It is important to let our kids eat or at least taste all the fruits and vegetables that are available on the market. I promise, if you use the right spices, they can be tastier and healthier than multi-vitamin gummy bears!

When we go shopping, we usually stick to the fruits and vegetables we are used to, and we know how to prepare. Going forward, I will provide relatively easy recipes for a variety of fruits and vegetables that you can share with your families. You will be able to fill your shopping basket with all those colorful veggies that we admire on the shelf but we don’t dare taking home.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have a veggie garden or a fruit tree in your backyard, so I can give you additional recipes for a specific fruit or vegetable.

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