Pastries & Cakes

Majdoul dates stuffed with rose water flavored almond paste


260g Freshly blanched almonds

500g Mejdoul dates

60g Confectioners’ sugar+ 60g for decoration

3 Tbsp. rose water

1 Tbsp. softened butter/20g

50g dried rosebuds for decoration


In a food processor, grind the blanched almonds with sugar until it is the consistency of a paste. Place the almonds in a bowl and add the rose water and butter. Mix by hand, to work in the butter and the rose water.

Wash and dry the Mejdoul dates. Take 1 1/2 Tsp. of almond paste, and roll it between your fingers into a 1 1/2” long mini hotdog shape (adjust the size to that of the dates used) and place on a flat plate.

Cut each date open, remove the bone and replace with almond paste. Roll the filled date between your palms to finish shaping the almond paste inserted into the date. Hold the date between your fingers and gently roll the almond stuffing into the confectioners’ sugar. Then, remove the excess sugar from the date using a small brush or a soft napkin wrapped around your pointer finger. Decorate with the rosebuds at your style and serve with Moroccan mint tea or fresh milk.