Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Preserved lemons are an indispensable and irreplaceable ingredient to a lot of Moroccan dishes. Making or buying Moroccan Preserved Lemons is your starting point, if you wish to experiment the true Moroccan dishes. The name might seem a little intimidating, but the recipe is truly easy and you can’t fail with it.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons add a tangy, savory and unique taste to the dishes. When you lift the lid off your first Tagine and you inhale the warm lemony aroma of preserved lemons, please return to my website and describe the taste with your own words!

Ingredients for a 68oz container of preserved lemons

7 lb Organic Meyer lemons

½ Cup of Kosher salt



Wash the lemons thoroughly and scrub any dirt off of the lemon rind.

Cut the lemons in quarters, but not all the way through in order to keep all the quarters connected at the base.

Hold each lemon up in the palm of your hand, use your thumb and pointer finger of the same hand to open the quarters up. Sprinkle the salt in the center with your other hand.

Place the lemons in the container and gently press with a wooden spoon to make space for more lemons. Once your jar is filled, juice the rest of the lemons and poor the juice over the salted lemons in the containers, until they are perfectly covered with juice. You may have a couple lemons left, or need a couple more lemons to juice, that is normal. The amount of juice that you get from each lemon can vary greatly.

Sprinkle the remaining salt over the lemons, close the container and leave it on your kitchen counter. The following day, press the lemons in the jar with a wooden spoon to make more space, and insert another lemon. Repeat the process until you have made sure that your jar is completely filled.

Date your container and store it in a cool place for at least a month before using, shaking the container occasionally to redistribute the salt. It is normal that a white substance forms on the lemons on top sometimes, don’t worry about it, just rinse the lemons before using them.