“Tsharmyla” – Moroccan Marinade

“Tsharmyla” is not a specific spice mixture. It is the technique of pounding spices, herbs and oils in a mortar, to make a marinade for meat, chicken, fish or any type of animal protein.

“Tasharmyla” was one of the techniques used to preserve food in the old times, when refrigerators were not available or not affordable. It captures the essence of spices at their peak and it is preferable to use it immediately. Storing it in a refrigerator is possible, but it defeats the purpose.

I will provide different recipes of “Tsharmyla” in my recipes, but since each one is different and customized to the type of protein source and the vegetables used, there is no point in listing the “Tsharmyla” recipes separately.

Please do feel free to experiment, adjust the measures of the spices to your taste, and make your own signature “Tsharmyla”. You can add lemon juice, use different types of oils, different types of raw salt, or even add shredded coconut to your “Tsharmyla”. It’s a seasoning technique, use it the way that pleases you. If you want to stick with the Moroccan flavors, just try different combinations of Moroccan spices.