Black Jelly Mushroom Soup

This is not a Moroccan recipe, but rather an Asian one. I am posting it because it is so easy, so healthy and so delicious. It’s the perfect last minute healthy dinner, I thought you would like it.

I love mushroom soups, but I prefer clear broth soups, that do not contain creams or butter. When I have dried black jelly fungus at home, I always make sure I soak some in water, and keep it soaked in the refrigerator, sometimes for a couple days. That way I can use it to make 15-20 minutes soups, rice dishes, stuffed pies…there is so much you can make with black jelly fungus, and they have so many health benefits.

Serves 4

Cooking time 15 minutes

Start to finish time 20 minutes


4 cm Piece of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

3 Tablespoons olive oil

1 Bunch of scallions, chopped coarsely

4 Celery sticks chopped coarsely

1 cm Piece of fresh turmeric, peeled and quartered

1 ½ Cup black jelly fungus, previously soaked in hot water for 20 minutes ( or overnight), and chopped coarsely

1 Bunch of fresh enoki  or golden needle mushroom, roots cut off

1 Cup coarsely shredded carrots

12 Springs of fresh cilantro, chopped coarsely

1 ½ Teaspoon salt

Pepper to taste


Fill a medium size kettle with water and set it to boil.

In a soup pot, brown the chopped ginger in the olive oil for one minute. Add the chopped scallions, chopped celery, turmeric, soaked and chopped black jelly fungus, whole enoki mushrooms and shredded carrots.

Cover with hot water, add salt & pepper. Cover the pot and let the soup boil for 10 minutes.

Remove the pot from the heat. Add the chopped cilantro immediately before serving.

Suggestion: Drop ¼ of a peeled avocado in each bowl before serving, it tastes delicious with this soup!